Saturday, 15 February 2014

Surprise, holidays and deadlines

Morning folks, as you can see I've had a little spring clean and rearrangement of my blog page. After three years, I was tired of the old, so in with the new!

I am officially on my holidays, phew I never thought it would arrive, so the plans start here! I have a head full of material that needs writing, for no other reason then maintaining my marbles. I have poems on stormy weather, anti valentines and special places, all swimming about my mind. I have the next few chapters of book 3 piecing themselves together along side a short story. Seriously, my head is like a shed at the moment - which simply needs emptying. All week I'd planned to have a writing day today to clear the load but sadly, today has turned into an odd job day of mending garden fences. So tomorrow, I'll hibernate in my writing room and empty my musings.

My plans for the week focus mainly on my RNA NWS submission - just 44 days in which to complete to hit my 31st March deadline. And, then the work begins. I also need to complete a study essay which I'd hoped to have planned by now, but hey! It'll be sent before I return to the day job.

I didn't manage to attend my writing group on Thursday due to the awful weather we're currently experiencing... I was scared of finding myself knee deep in a flood, pitch dark in a country lane - so I gave it a miss. Though, it might have inspired a short story, who knows.

To follow me via Twitter just search for odwyer_author and likewise with facebook. I hope to be sending daily updates over the coming week, so please sneak back and take a peek. Enjoy!

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