Monday, 19 November 2012

NaNoWriMo day 19 - 1722 words

Evening followers, I have managed to write 1722 words - a task I did as soon as I arrived home from the day job. I have purposely left my heroine in a pickle so I can hit the ground running tomorrow.

My grand total now stands at 35,209 - an awesome amount - I never doubted I'd get here but am still surprised to have managed it. Which is strange given that I was determined from the off to complete the challenge.

Last night, I announced to husband that I'll be making this an annual event in my writing calender. I might even plan it into my Autumn half term holiday for 2013. Participating has taught me a couple of thing about myself as a writer.
                     1. I can produce far more than I give myself credit for
                     2. my imagination is pretty phenomenal regards ideas
                     3. if I keep my ass in the chair, the trigger igniting my fingers just keeps going
I am very proud of my achievement in the last 19 days - let's hope the final 11 days work just as well.
Anyway, I'm now heading off to complete an hour or two of university study. See you tomorrow, enjoy!

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