Saturday, 24 November 2012

RNA, NaNoWriMo and a 2013 diary

Evening folks - sorry for the late post but I have been attending my Romantic Novelists' Associations Birmingham Chapter meeting. They meet four times a year, though this was only my second meeting. I have to say it really is so lovely meeting up with other writers who are struggling and striving with manuscripts. Anyway, today was a particularly good meeting as the range of topics for discussion covered everything from choosing meeting dates for 2013, an Ian Rankin programme, erotica, lunch paid for by Bruce Springstein and stud farms! I know, varied or what? I've arrived home full of creative ideas and renewed energy to make an immediate start. Our next meeting will be 2nd February 2013 - it sounded strange saying, 'see you in the New Year!'

My NaNo week has been a bit hit and miss but I promise I shall disappear after this blog to clock up a couple of thousand words. Honest, I will.

My writers' meeting last Thursday was filled with poetry, purely a fluke everyone bought poetry to read - which never happens. I read my poem about Marmite - which recieved excellent feedback and a repeat of my hubby's remark that I should submit it to the company. Hummmm, I may well do that.

I have my other writers' group this coming Wednesday for which I am aiming to write a play inspired by last times meeting when another group, sharing the room, had a major bust up. Now, us Mad Hatters have been witness to many a spat but nothing compared to the bust-up that occured last week within a genealogy group. Anyway, I'm turning it into a piece which I'm sure the writing group will appreciate - though I'll ditch it should that group re-appear. I'm not brave enough to suggest they perform my play.

Right, I must go and produce some NaNo - please re-visit and check up on my progress. I have received a record number of visits this week, you really do help to motivate me. As always you can follow me on Twitter by searching odwyer_author. Enjoy!

P.S. I alway purchased my 2013 diary today - as a stationery freak, that's news.

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