Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 6 - 2246 words

Evening folks - my daily update regarding NaNoWriMo come about so swiftly - which just shows how quickly the days are passing. Firstly, I am still enjoying the challenge and not once has it been a chore to sit and write. Which may be hard to believe, but true. Today, I managed 2246 words bringing my ever increasing total to 16027!!!! 

I'm now finding that my editing head is starting to nag about the fact that I haven't reread, altered or made corrections. And so I am having to ignore the nagging witch who is so eager to whirl a red pen!!! So this non-stop writing does feel completely unnatural to me, but in a good way as it has forced me to plough on with my ideas and effort.

A brief update but now, I'm heading toward the sofa to catch up on soem light reading. Ciao - enjoy!

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